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You can reach us via WhatsApp or E-Mail from anywhere and anytime during our operational hours.

Hours of Operation

MON – FRI: 7AM – 7PM
SAT – SUN: 7AM – 5PM


Hyundai have factory in West Java, Indonesia. Official main dealer in Jakarta. And we accept order & delivery all over Indonesia*.

This Is Our Story

Since 1968 Hyundai had mass produce of 4 wheel drive vehicles, and trough long tough years we have developed so many things to become world class mobility solution provider.

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) is now going beyond being an automobile manufacturer to a mobility solution provider.  HMC ….

hyundai ioniq 6

Our Commitment Never Ending Inovation

Special Crafted to you

All of our Produts come from Selected Material. We Carefully design the concept, choosing the best material, crafting every part with highly details. We ensure our product is tightly inspect before it’s released .

Locally Manufactured

Every Material, Every Parts are transform their properties into the light, to full fill our commitment to deliver high quality product. We’re never rest of our inovation, our technique, which has been going on from generations. on every plants of our products are manufatured, we always apply our way of creating high quality product, including our plant in west java, indonesia.

Stand from the crowd

The Estetic is in or blood. we pass it to every details, exterior and interior. We invested so many hours to bring you the product that can stand from the crowd. every aspect we design to get the feel of awsomeness in our customers. because every customers is special to us.

Our Popular Models

Hyundai Stargazer


Since it launched, Hyundai Stargazer has new place in Indonesian’s heart. With it reach of  features, stargazer has sold so many units all over Indonesia. And now even more attractive with the new look. With bold and aggresive design, don’t hesitate to unleash the x in you.

Hyundai Creta

Came up with 5 seater cabin with lots of features, this models had also been sold many units in indonesia. With inovative design and features, it can smile you up even when you get jammed in trafiic.

Creta Dynamic Black Edition as Our new varian of creta can full fill your taste of black.


Hyundai Palisade

hyundai palisade

This big SUV model has more advance safety, performance, & convenience features, but with the price that can make you think twice to not falling in love with it.

Hyundai Palisade has begun one of the favorite Luxirious Big SUV’s lovers.

Now with the New Palisade, you can get more.

Signature design The Best Design For Your Journey

“Hyundai Continue”, this simple words means a lot in our journey. One of our commitment is to continue our never ending inovate for better mobility which can be found on our mobility product. The inovation can be easily determine by our signature design that became award winning success. Of course we couldn’t acieved it all of that without our beloved teams and customers. we work hard to keep up with our daily customer’s demands. We’ve hugh invest in many countries including in indonesia because we believe in our commitment. And also because we’re not only love our customers but we make our customers to be part of our brand.